Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões


Researching and obtaining results are a combined tonic: while the first is theoretical and sometimes abstract, the second is technical, requiring specificity and intellectual production. The results dissemination of the scientific research, as well as the rise of Research within the University, is based on the premise of greater knowledge sharing, allowing sometimes, the thirsty minds seeking for knowledge, an opportunity to absorb it.


URI is not restricted to traditional sources of research only. With a focus on common well-being and citizenship, and with the Research for External Demand, it seeks to enable interdepartmental, interinstitutional, and / or partnership projects, sponsored by development agencies aimed at integrating the University with the different members of the community context, as long as they are related to the priority areas, defined by the Institution.

Therefore, prioritizing excellence and seriousness in the production of knowledge, that URI contributes to regional and national development.

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