Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Many people's life stories have URI as one of the main characters. That is why the university receives students from the first years of life until they complete their graduation or even their post-graduation. Through the Basic Education Schools, located in all units, URI built spaces for knowledge, culture, research and creativity, where emphasis is placed on values ​​and attitudes, such as solidarity, respect, justice, etc.

Being linked to the university, the teachers undergo modern and reflective training throughout the year, resulting in a teaching practice that places the student as an active subject in the learning process. It has pedagogical materials inserted in the technological context, it has workshops aimed at creativity and human development and an infrastructure capable of offering joyful and pleasurable routines. Basic Schools offer Early Childhood Education, Elementary and High School and Technical Courses. This space was designed for you to visit our schools.