Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

In this section, you will know about our presential courses. With a solid journey, the focus on tradition makes URI a committed and respected institution, with thousands of people entrusting it with its destinies. But, in a time that leads to changes, it is a goal to be inserted in an innovative environment, where the student is able to do, experience, discuss and explore, which results better ways of thinking about reality.

Divided into eight Academic Departments, the bachelor's, licentiates and technologist courses focus on the development of scientific, cultural, artistic and professional skills, associating themselves with programs and lines of research, extension, postgraduate and pedagogical training. The courses are protagonists and are involved in debates in society and are focused on regional development, carrying out purposeful and civic activities in technologies, to improve education as well people’s well-being, as they are attentive to contemporary demands.

It is the various areas of knowledge that make the university's daily life rich in learning, innovation, breakthroughs and integration, with visible consequences in the community.